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Axiom AdmissionsTM is a boutique consulting group specialized in helping students maximize their admissions chances at the world's best colleges and universities. You have put in years of work, getting the grades, taking the tests and doing every activity you thought you needed to do. After doing all that work, the college application is the final step to giving yourself the opportunity and choices you have worked so hard for. Our team of Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and Princeton graduates has been there and knows what you are going through. Axiom Admissions experts will help you:

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Why is Axiom Admissions the Best Choice to Help You?

Proven System

Preparation for college applications begins at the start of a student's freshman year of high school. We specialize in guiding students through their high school career and helping them select the best courses, extracurriculars, and summer programming to explore their interests and develop their narrative. When it's time to start filling out applications, we help you decide on the best schools to apply to, develop the story you present to the admissions committees, craft compelling essays, prioritize your activities and awards, prepare for your interview and, perhaps most important, provide you with a system to keep everything organized. Fill out our Contact Form and receive a free copy of our Navigating the College Admissions Process guide.

Experienced Team

We understand that applying to college is a very personal decision for students and their families as is the choice of counselors to help with the process. We know this because we have done it ourselves; faculty at Axiom have attended Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and Columbia along with many more of the world's greatest universities. Our personal experiences and the years of research into mastering the college admissions process leave us well-positioned to help you reach your dream school. Learn more about Our Team below.

History of Success

We have been fortunate enough to help our students gain admission to the top universities in the world including Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and Oxford as well as many others who have gone on to the schools of their choice (often getting scholarships along the way). College admissions officers at top schools spend about 15 minutes per application so let us help ensure that your application quickly and succinctly shows them why you would be an asset to their school.

Educational Expertise

Our Axiom Admissions Specialists are all a part of the Axiom LearningTM Faculty that specializes in providing customized educational support. This background working with students preparing for the SAT, working on their English, math, and science homework, and practicing organizational skills gives us additional expertise into helping you pick the right classes and earn the best grades throughout high school. To learn more about our educational support you can visit us at

Single College
Unlimited College
Deluxe 4-Year
Initial Consultation
  • Meet with us to discuss your academic goals and begin developing a plan of action for becoming a competitive applicant at your top schools
  • Review existing high school resume to identify strengths and areas for strategic improvement in order to develop the strongest application narrative and profile possible
College Matching
  • Create profile based on your GPA, extracurricular activities, career goals, standardized tests scores and preferences for geographic region, school size, and overall college experience
  • Determine list of best-fit schools for you ensuring a mix of Reach, Match, and Safety schools
Application Strategy - Building Your Narrative
  • Create a narrative based on your passions and interests that will guide the emphasis and direction of the application
  • Identify opportunities to reinforce this narrative through course selection, standardized tests and extracurricular activities
Common/Coalition/School Application
  • Work through entire Common Application with you to ensure every section is filled out in a way that makes your application as strong as possible
  • Brainstorm and craft responses to short answer questions that align with your narrative and emphasize what you will contribute to the college’s community
Common /Coalition /School Application
  • Work through entire Common Application with you to ensure every section is filled out in a way that makes your application as strong as possible
  • Brainstorm and craft responses to short answer questions that align with your narrative and emphasize what you will contribute to the college’s community
Interview Preparation
  • Coach you on best practices for interviews including guidance on interview answers and physical presentation
  • Conduct customized interview based on your academic resume and target schools
  • Provide detailed feedback on your responses followed by analysis and next steps for improving your interview performance
Personal Statement Essay
  • Review the essay prompts and identify which prompt(s) will allow you to craft an essay that strengthens your application narrative
  • Brainstorm and outline essay ideas for your chosen prompt(s) and select a topic for your personal statement
  • Craft an essay that allows you to showcase your passion and excitement for personal growth while supporting your overall narrative
Supplemental Essays
  • Craft effective essays for each college by helping you brainstorm and identify the best way to respond to each question
  • Edit essays to ensure your voice is being heard while tailoring the message towards each individual college
Letters of Recommendation
  • Strategize which teachers, coaches, school officials, and/or mentors you should ask for letters of recommendation.
  • Create a profile that highlights your strengths and narrative along with information about the colleges being applied to.
  • Draft letters of recommendation for teachers that use phrases and points of emphasis from successful Ivy League applications
Activities Sheet
  • Emphasize the most important aspects of your high school resume including extracurricular activities, leadership roles, jobs, and anything that will help to catch the attention of admissions officers
Supplemental Materials
  • Identify if your application should include any supplemental materials which might include musical, dramatic, or other artistic performances
Wait-List Deferral Management
  • Determine best possible method of communication with admissions officers to maximize your chances of moving off of the wait-list
Making Final Decision
  • Review the list of schools where you have been accepted and help you to select the best option
Strategic Donations
  • Guide your family through the process of making a strategic donation to your top choice school in a way that maximizes your chances of acceptance
High School Course Selection
  • Guide your course selection to include a mix of challenging classes that build toward your application narrative
High School Timeline and Organization
  • Identify long term goals and design a path for achieving those goals through the right mix of courses and extracurricular activities
Standardized Test Planning
  • Identify whether you should take the SAT or ACT based on our proprietary diagnostics as well as your academic and test-taking profiles
  • Determine which SAT Subject Tests and Advanced Placement tests to take by assessing student’s strengths and narrative
  • Create learning plans for all of your standardized tests based on your objectives and the areas where you have the most room for improvement
College Visits
  • Create itineraries for each college visit based on your profile in order to highlight particular areas of interest at each school
  • Plan and advise about meetings with professors, coaches, and other school officials
Extracurricular Activities
  • Select activities to explore that allow you to identify your areas of interest while beginning to develop an application narrative
  • Create comprehensive extracurricular schedule that demonstrates leadership, community, and dedication
Summer Enrichment
  • Identify academic, service, and interest-based summer opportunities to develop your narrative and prepare you for the upcoming school year
  • Prepare you for competitive classes and standardized tests with Axiom's customized academic and test prep processes
Phone/Email Support
  • Provide detailed and structured support to you by phone and email if you are not near one of our learning centers
Cost Packages start at $14,999

Our Team

Shahzad Bhatti

Shahzad Bhatti

Founder (Harvard) Read more
Joanne Aisha Simon

Dr. Joanne Aisha Simon

Founder (Harvard) Read more
Abel Arwaga

Abel Arwaga

Admissions Specialist (Harvard) Read more
Eduard Bogel

Eduard Bogel

Admissions Specialist (Harvard) Read more
Lauren Boranian

Lauren Boranian

Admissions Specialist (Harvard) Read more
Adela Cajic

Adela Cajic

Admissions Specialist (Stanford) Read more
Anneka Kumli

Anneka Kumli

Admissions Specialist (Stanford) Read more

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